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Villa Naumanni, located in the Mignone Valley is the perfect place for a holiday – surrounded by nature, near the sea and numerous places of historical interest.

The rooms

The rooms are on the first floor of the villa, with each room designed in the color palette of the season it is named after.
All rooms feature stone walls and a roof with exposed beams with heights up to 6m. Each room has an en-suite bathroom with a shower.

Our services

To enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay, Villa Naumanni B&B offers its guests a wide range of

The territory

Villa Naumanni B&B is located in the lush countryside, along the river Mignone, and surrounded by the Tolfa Mountains and the hills of Bassa Maremma. It offers stunning views and the peacefulness typical of the Italian countryside, as well as all the necessary services to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

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