Villa Naumanni B&B is located along the river Mignone, between the Tolfa Mountains, a true oasis home to many species protected by the ‘Birds Directive’, and included in the list of ‘Nature 2000’ projects.
Mignone River Surface (ha): 89,836
Site Type: G
Province: VT; RM
Nature code: 2000 IT6010035
Biogeographic region: Mediterranean
“Nature 2000” is the name that the Council of Ministers of the European Union has assigned to the coordinated and coherent system (a “network”) of areas present in the EU and intended for the conservation of biodiversity and in particular for the protection of a range of habitats and animals and plant species of Community interest (identified by Directive 79/409 / EEC “Birds” and Directive 92/43 / EEC “Habitat”). The “network” is composed of two types of areas: the Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and the proposed Sites of Community Importance (SCI).
Birdwatching around the Villa Naumanni B&B

from 1st March to 1st September

When walking on the surrounding hills of Villa Naumanni it is possible to observe not only the most common Mediterranean bird species, but also a number of rare and protected species.

Some of them can be seen during the migration period between March and May (M), others can be observed during the nesting process (N) and / or extant (E) and present from the end of March (April) to the end of August (September).

The Lesser Kestrel (Falco Naumanni) (N) nests in the spaces made in the walls of the Villa Naumanni B&B

  • Cicogna nera (Ciconia nigra)(E)
  • Biancone (Circaetus gallicus) (N)
  • Nibbio reale (Milvus milvus)(N)
  • Nibbio bruno (Milvus migrans) (N)
  • Falco di palude (Circus aeruginosus)(M)
  • Albanella reale (Circus cyaneus) (M)
  • Albanella minore (circus pygargus) (N)
  • Poiana Codabianca (Buteo rufinus)(E)
  • Falco pecchiaiolo (Pernis apivorus) (N)
  • Grillaio (Falco Naumanni)(N)

  • Falco cuculo (Falco vespertinus)(M)
  • Lodolaio (Falco subbuteo) (N)
  • Falco della Regina (Falco eleonorae)(E)
  • Falco pellegrino (Falco peregrinus) (N)
  • Sparviere (Accipiter nisus)(N)
  • Quaglia (Coturnix coturnix) (N)
  • Occhione (Burhinus oedicnemus) (N)
  • Cuculo dal Ciuffo (Clamator glandarius)(N)
  • Assiolo (Otus scops) (N)
  • Succiacapre (Caprimulgus europaeus) (N)
  • Rondone maggiore (Apus melba)(M,N?)
  • Upupa (Upupa epops) (N)
  • Gruccione (Merops apiaster)(N)
  • Ghiandaia marina (Coracias garrulus
  • Cappellaccia (Galerida crestata)(N)
  • Tottavilla (Lullula arborea)(N)
  • Calandra (Melanocorypha calandra)(N)
  • Calandrella (Calandrella brachydactyla)(N)
  • Rondine rossiccia (Cecropis daurica)(N)
  • Calandro (Anthus campestris)(N)
  • Culbianco (Oenanthe oenanthe)(M)
  • Monachella (Oenanthe hispanica)(M)
  • Saltimpalo (Saxicola torquatus)(N)
  • Stiaccino (Saxicola rubetra)(M)
  • Passero solitario (Monticola solitarius)(N)
  • Occhiocotto (Sylvia melanocephala)(N)
  • Sterpazzola (Sylvia communis)(N)
  • Sterpazzola della Sardegna (Sylvia conspicillata(N)
  • Sterpazzolina Sylvia cantillans)(N)
  • Beccamoschino (Cisticola juncidis)(N)
  • Usignolo di fiume (Cettia cetti)(N)
  • Averla capirossa (Lanius senator)(N)
  • Averla piccola (Lanius collurio)(N)
  • Averla cenerino (Lanius minor)(N)
  • Rigogolo (Oriolus oriolus)(N)
  • Strillozzo (Emberiza calandra)(N)
  • Zigolo nero (Emberiza cirlus)(N)
  • Zigolo capinero (Emberiza melanocephala)(N)
  • Ortolano (Emberiza hortulana)(N)

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