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Villa Naumanni B&B is located in the lush countryside, along the river Mignone, and surrounded by the Tolfa Mountains and the hills of Bassa Maremma. It offers stunning views and the peacefulness typical of the Italian countryside, as well as all the necessary services to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

  • Tarquinia – 10km
  • Porto di Civitavecchia – 15 km
  • Viterbo –  45km
  • Fiumicino Aeroporto – 70km
  • Roma San Pietro  – 80km


  • At 0km – the lush Italian countryside and the nests of the Lesser Kestrel (from April to September)
  • At 14km – the beach of Lido di Tarquinia, the beach of San Giorgio, and the Natural Reserve “Saline di Tarquinia” – the only salt flats of Lazio, a protected area that covers 170 hectares, home to a multitude of rare species of birds.
  • At 15km – Ripa Maiala – one of the most popular crags in northern Lazio. At the top of this reddish volcanic rock nests the CAPOVACCAIO, one of the protected species of European vultures.
  • At 18km – The thermal baths of Ficoncella. Near the ancient source of the thermal baths of Ficoncella, the Etruscans built the Aquae Tauri city, but little remains of the civic site today. You can however visit the site and enjoy the natural thermal pools and sulphurous showers.
  • At 45km – Terme dei Papi. The remains of the Roman baths extend for eleven kilometers along the ancient Via Cassia, on the outskirts of Viterbo. Three main thermal areas are of particular relevance: Aquae Passeris, Paliano and, most importantly, Bullicame. The monumental swimming pool of over 2,000 square meters is fed by the Bullicame spring. You can experience the pleasure of relaxing in the steaming waters during the winter months and enjoy this uniquely beautiful place.


  • At 10km – the Necropolis of Monterozzi (the Etruscan tombs) and the National Etruscan Museum, for an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of the territory and of Italy.
  • At 10km – Tarquinia. A beautifully preserved historic town, the original settlement of which dates back to pre-Roman times.  The ‘Old  City’  has remarkable well preserved Medieval walls, especially in the Northern areas, as we as the original watch towers and several churches.
  • At 15km – the medieval city of Cencelle. The ruins of the ancient city of Centumcellae (today known as Civitavecchia) are located on a hill south of Tarquinia from where you can admire a breathtaking landscapes. Not far away is Il Borgo della Farnesiana and a neo-Gothic church.
  • At 40km – The Archaeological and Naturalistic Park of Vulci
  • At 45km – Etruscan Necropolis of Cerveteri, Necropolis of Banditaccia.
  • At 50km – Villa Lante in Bagnaia, one of the greatest architectural achievements of the Italian sixteenth century. The Villa features a 22 hectares park and a splendid Italian garden, home to a stunning and unique hand carved fountain network.
  • At 55km – Romano-Ferento theatre is 2000 years old yet it still hosts theater performances today.
  • At 60km – Palazzo Farnese Caprarola, one of the many stately homes built by the Farnese family.
  • At 70km – Civita di Bagnoregio – known as the dying city – is a small town perched on a hill in the middle of a valley of muddy clays.
  • At 80km – Rome, Vatican City – the cradle of history and civilization


  • At 14km- Lido Di Tarquinia – enjoy the beach by day, and explore the local bars, restaurants, events, and concerts in the evening
  • At 17km – the golf course of Tarquinia Country Club in Marina Velca. The 18-hole par 70 course is set in a beautiful Mediterranean park featuring holm oaks, pines, eucalyptus trees, and other typical species.
  • At 22km – Riva dei Tarquini adventure park. The park covers an area four hectares and presents six distinct routes of varying degrees of increasing difficulty, to satisfy all needs, from children to the most prepared sportsmen. Everyone will be able to live their exciting experience in complete safety.
  • At 64km – Bomarzo Monster Park and gardens. The artist of this unusual sculpture park, created in the second half of the sixteenth century, carved the «Monsters» from boulders of volcanic stone.

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